Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens

Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens is dedicated to research, development and production of high quality sunlenses, that offer to the consumers protection from sun rays, but also superior optical perfor mance. Through long-term expertise in tints and coating development, Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens offers the leading, widest and most differentiated range of products and services in the industry.

How they are made

Behind Scene Lenz Optics

Built by Hand

All Lenz Optics sun glasses are proudly made by hand and individually quality tested to ensure the highest of quality and perfection. Superior craftsmanship is an important cornerstone in our sunglass ranges.

Behind Scene Lenz Optics

The Production Process

It takes more than 80 individual steps to make a pair of Lenz Optics sunglasses – and every step is handled with the greatest of care and precision. This is the only way to achieve perfection and durability!

Parts that do their Part

Lenz Optics sunglasses incorporate the very latest in parts technology. For instance they feature high quality saltwater resistant OBE hinges, through-going wires and cushioning non-slip padding.