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Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens


Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens is dedicated to research, development and production of high quality sunlenses, that offer to the consumers protection from sun rays, but also superior optical performance. Through long-term expertise in tints and coating development, Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens offers the leading, widest and most differentiated range of products and services in the industry.


Superior anti-dirt coating for steady performance through time

Ri-Pel coating is an outstanding transparent coating, which enables dirt, water, oil and dust to slip off the surface of the lens. And whenever a Ri-Pel coating treated lens gets dirty, it is then extremely easy to clean. This superior anti-dirt coating also offers durable and steady performance through time, thanks to its advanced chemical and scratch resistance.

Anti-Reflective Coating

See the world and not the lenses


Ordinary light is unpolarized because the photons are emitted in a random manner, while sunrays reflected have photons emitted coherently (horizontally polarized). Polarized lenses, are the only lenses, which can stop these horizontal rays. They actually correct the light that hits them, straightening out each subray in order to have it crossing only on the horizontal axis. This is the precise reason why only a single ray of light reaches our eyes while any other reflected glare is always blocked. In the way we can look beyond the point of origin of the reflections and get a clearer view.

Anti-Reflective Coating

ZEISS invented anti-reflective coating technology to address these issues, and continues to develop clearer, more durable lens coatings to ensure that you see your best, look your best, and protect your lenses, no matter what life throws at you. ZEISS coatings are designed to improve your vision, make your lenses easier to clean, and protect your lenses from wear and tear.