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When innovation meets performance !

The Discover series is built for the adventurous fly fisherman. They are not only constructed to be able to handle the most challenging conditions imaginable, they have also been designed to optimize performance, and to offer your eyes relief and support when you need it the most.They come fitted with impact- and scratch resistant ZEISS Polycarbonate lenses, and they are based on lightweight TR90 frames that block out all false sunlight.



The 2 in 1 sunglasses that can be used with or without the leather side shields. 100% polarized for elimination of water reflections.



These brand new Coosa sunglasses are everything you were hoping for in a new Lenz Optics Range. Modern, fashionable and reasonably priced !



Highly resistant Zeiss Polycarbonate lenses, that impervious to impact and scratches. All round great design and comfort !